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Oasis n.17 - June 2013 - PDF


The conjunction of the global economic and financial crisis with the transition under way in the Arab countries is a provocation both for societies in the West and for Islamic ones: do the ‘old’ development models still work? How should we reckon with a geo-political scenario and migratory movements that have changed profoundly? Ancient questions about the relationship between man, work and money are resurfacing and new ones about the nexus between religious affiliation and economic choices are emerging. While the old Europe is being called to renew herself and Egypt struggles in a crisis with no apparent exit, new protagonists such as Qatar and Turkey are coming to the fore and re-dealing the playing cards.
Contributions are recommended by: Angelo Scola, Hans-Gert Pöttering, Philippe Fargues, Simona Beretta, Silvano Petrosino, Ridha Chkoundali, Abderrazzak Sayadi… E l’intervista esclusiva ai due maggiori leader religiosi egiziani: lo shaykh di Al-Azhar Ahmad at-Tayyeb e il papa copto Tawadros II.

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