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OASIS n°19 - June 2014


Regenerating Institutions. Beyond Contestation and Against Violence is the title of the latest number of the review Oasis (n. 19). The questions addressed: the West and the Muslim world have been shaken by protest movements that radically contest the existing political situation but which also encounter difficulty in advancing practicable proposals. Some of these countries are exposed to a growing violence that is fostered, among other things, by the collapse of the structures of the state. Institutional reform has been spoken about for some time but the current crisis seems to require a profound re-generation. Where should we start? Are experiences already underway or not? What contribution can Christians and Muslims make? From the United States of America to Europe, from the Middle East to sub-Saharan Africa, international experts answer these questions.

Articles by Mauro Magatti, Benoît Chantre, Riccardo Redaelli, Pierangelo Sequeri, Michael Jennings, Georges Fahmi, Ateş Altınordu, Joas Wagemakers, Cole Bunzel, Ibrahim Shamseddine, and Sergio Belardinelli; and the interviews with Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament, and with André Miquel, one of the greatest experts on Islamic civilisation. Lastly, the reportage from Sarajevo and the photographic service on Sana’a.
The review Oasis is a six-monthly publication which was established by Cardinal Angelo Scola to promote mutual knowledge and dialogue between the Western world and Islam.

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Year: 2014
Pages: 177
ISBN: 978-88-6512-273-0
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